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Gehry technologies to hold several speaking sessions and workshops at the advances in architectural geometry conference Los angeles, ca(Marketwire sep 4, 2012)Gehry technologies(Gt), a global leader in applying technology to building industry challenges, today announces numerous speaking sessions and that will take place at the Advances in Architectural Geometry conference, scheduled to take place at the Pompidou Center from September 2730, 2012 Paris, France. Speaking sessions and panels at the conference include: Andrew director of research, will present euclid:A Louis Vuitton Sale crossplatform geometry and library on september 28th at 11:15 AM.The paper recent work from the gt research team. "Gehry technologies will have a strong presence at the advances in architectural geometry conference, with our numerous speaking sessions and workshops focused on presenting realworld works and great deals on handbags practices linked to new geometrical development applicable to architecture,"Added mr.Witt. Hosted Louis Vuitton Travel by centre pompidou, and coorganized by rfr engineers, advances in architectural geometry / aag is a symposium aimed to gather the diverse components of the contemporary architectural tendencies which push the building envelope towards free form and respond to the multiple current design challenges with a renewed mathematical rigor.It involves architects, engineers, software designers and contractors.Aag has become a reference in the professional field and is supported by the direct participation of the most renowned architectural design and engineering offices along with academic laboratories.


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